Did dinosaur flatulence cause global warming?

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says it did
NEWPORT BEACH (CNS) The controversial Orange County Republican said anyone who thinks he was being serious is mistaken. But his Democratic opponent in the fall election slammed him for disbelieving science, the Daily Pilot reported.

In a floor speech in Congress Thursday, Rohrabacher accused large part of the environmental movement of using "pseudoscience" to justify their hidden desires for increased government regulation.

"I have no doubt that unless we thwart the onslaught of nonsense being foisted upon humankind in the name of man-made global warming, the next generation will be deprived of freedom, prosperity, and a healthy environment," Rohrabacher said in his floor speech, as reported by the newspaper.

In comments broadcast on C-SPAN television last week, Rohrabacher suggested that "dinosaur flatulence" may have been responsible for past swings in global temperatures, and that the enormous growth in atmospheric carbon dioxide in the past century -- and increased global temperatures -- are not man-caused.

Rohrabacher's claim puts him at odds with many in his own party, including President George W. Bush, whose White House acknowledged man-made global warming this year.

His opponent in the coming election, Newport Beach Mayor Debbie Cook, slammed Rohrabacher for being one of the few politicians still denying overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming caused by manmade pollution.

"He does a disservice to his district and his nation when he continues to bash the science behind climate change," Cook told the Daily Pilot. "I don't know what purpose it serves when he continues to attack those who provide scientific data."


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