Girl fight lands mother in jail

VICTORVILLE, Calif. A Victorville mother has been arrested, accused of driving her twelve year-old daughter to a park to fight another young girl.

Eyewitness showed you the exclusive video first on Thursday.

The video is pretty shocking and it may be serious evidence against 31-year-old Shawna Foster; the woman accused of assaulting a 12-year-old girl her daughter was fighting.

Kids fighting in a park is nothing new, but what happened earlier this month in Victorville is different. A fight was allegedly instigated by the mother of one of the participants.

"She thought that I was talking stuff about her and I wasn't. So, she had called her ... Or, she had told her mom that I was talking stuff. So, her mom took her to the park and had her fight me," said the victim of the fight.

We won't identify the 12-year-old, who not only found herself fighting another girl her age, but also the girl's mother, Shawna Foster. Foster can be seen in the video grabbing the girl by the hair, dragging her across the ground, and then slapping her.

The victim's mother, Susana Rojas, is shocked. Rojas says she isn't just taken aback by the Foster's actions, but also because other adults stood by and watched.

"There were several parents there watching this whole event. I would've thought that maybe somebody would've came right across the street to come and get me. Or, if anything, that the mother would've stopped the fight," said Rojas.

Rojas turned the video over to authorities, who are now charging Foster with corporal injury to a child.

Rojas hopes the actions by the sheriff's department, and the video, will remind everyone that such behavior can't be tolerated.

"I just wanted the public to know that it's not okay for a parent to actually drive their child to a location and have their child beat up ... or fight with another child," said Rojas.

Shawnah Foster will be back in court in November.

Neither girl suffered serious injuries during the fight and neither girl is facing any criminal charges. Eyewitness News reporters John Gregory, Robert Holguin and Bob Banfield contributed to this report.


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