'Cool Kid' Marcel Jones promotes education

LAKEWOOD, Calif. "When you get it from my angle, from a student, somebody who just had that class a couple of years ago, it feels good to be able to help them out," says Marcel.

The subject matter can be complicated, but Marcel does his part to get the best results.

"They get to that one point where everything just clicks in for them, and they're just starting to get it. And that's the point where everything melts together and it's good," says Marcel.

In the future, Marcel wants to apply his considerable knowledge to a career as an alternative fuel specialist.

"It's a field that's growing and it's a field where I think I can help the community ... by finding a way to energize instead of oil - always oil - and it's something different," says Marcel.

When he is not a tutor at the high school, Marcel is involved in raising money for scholarships to get students into college. Both activities reflect his guiding philosophy.

"We're obligated to help out the community ... Not just ask of the community to do something for them without doing something for the community," says Marcel.

A mentor in math now and perhaps fueling our future, he is our "Cool Kid, Marcel Jones.

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