Man, woman accused of attempted teen rape

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. Investigators say the alleged attempted rape of the 17-year-old girl may not be the first time the suspects have struck. /*San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department*/ deputies think there may be other victims.

That's why they're asking for the public's help to come forward with information. The suspects reportedly took the alleged victim to a remote location, loaded her up with alcohol and tried to rape her. And we're told she wasn't someone the suspects chose at random. We're told she was someone they went to church with.

The suspects are 25-year-old Raylene Camarena and 27-year-old Arthur Martinez, boyfriend and girlfriend. They both reportedly attended /*Gateway Christian Fellowship Church*/ in San Bernardino. That's where they met the 17-year-old alleged victim.

Detectives say it started with both of the suspects sending her sexually explicit text messages, telling her how attractive she was. Then, last Friday, they picked her up.

"The suspect, Raylene Camarena, had spoken to the victim's mother, and assured her that she was going to be taking her to a youth function at Fiesta Village, so the mother allowed Camarena to take her child," said Jodi Miller, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept.

But they didn't go to Fiesta Village. Detectives say the suspects brought the teenager to a remote part of the /*Lytle Creek*/ area. Once there, they gave her alcohol and detectives say they tried to force the teenager to have sex.

"The juvenile refused to do so, the suspects then returned her home," said Miller. "She then told her mother what had happened and the mother contacted the Fontana Sheriff's Station."

But what's even more troubling to detectives is the possibility that these suspects have tried this before, possibly with other people who go to the church.

No one at the church wanted to talk with Eyewitness News about the suspects. They're disturbed with the allegations that two of their fellow church members tried to rape another.

If you have information for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept., please call (909) 387-3615.

Sheriff's deputies say the victim was not injured during the incident.



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