Officials inspect 'Octomom's' new house

LA HABRA, Calif. The officials made the visit Wednesday, all this while there's word that conflict may be brewing concerning an offer to help /*Nadya Suleman*/, the mother of the octuplets.

At the future home of the octuplets, the stage is set. Enter the social workers. The hospital and /*Child Protective Services*/ want to know if the home is suitable for all of Nadya Suleman's 14 children.

Next, a production crew from a celebrity Web site staging for the next episode.

Suleman is performing for dollars to support her family. She has agreed to accept help from a charity group of nurses, /*Angels In Waiting*/. The pact was negotiated by attorney /*Gloria Allred*/.

"We're going to have to talk with Nadya, which I know the nurses will, about health concerns, concerns of protections and safety for the babies, and issues of cameras," said Allred. "That's an important issue."

Suleman reportedly wants a reality-television show.

Suleman signed an agreement of eight principles that put the babies' welfare first.

Angels In Waiting says it will provide 11 nurses who specialize in caring for premature-birth babies. The nurses will train nannies that Suleman provides.

But a cost is involved. The nursing group is making an appeal. They need an estimated $135,000 a month for at least three months while the octuplets develop.

"We are hoping for donations, and if we don't get them we will be sitting down looking at a game plan to see what we could possibly do to help these babies out with the allotment of money we do have," said /*Linda West Conforti*/, Angels In Waiting founder and president.

"The very first few weeks and first months for premature babies is so important and is so essential," said Annie Young, Angels In Waiting. "We need help and we need help now for these babies."

Angels In Waiting has conducted a home inspection. The organization is certified to do so. The group has some recommendations. They really want the air-conditioning and heating system completely cleaned out and sterilized.

Plans are in the works for the volunteers to accompany Suleman and the first two babies when they come home, possibly as early as next week.



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