Church members help out struggling family

MONROVIA, Calif. Like many people, Abel Pickering is a casualty of the recession. He lost his job two weeks ago and he and his wife Crystal were worried about how they'd pay rent and provide for their three children, whom they home-school. But now they're getting a helping hand from the parishioners of their church.

It's an inspiring story of people helping people.

This has been a tough year for Abel and Crystal Pickering and their family.

"I was laid off from my job, going through Worker's Comp," said Abel Pickering. "I was injured at work too, and just haven't been able to make ends meet."

So the members of their church, called the /*Vertical Church*/, decided to help out. They got together and held a big yard sale at the home of one of the parishioners and gave the proceeds to help the Pickerings.

"It was enough to pay our rent for a month, so we have another month in our home," said Abel.

Crystal Pickering has been home-schooling their 7-year-old daughter, who has diabetes. They have two other younger kids at home, as well. The recession has hit them hard, and the money means a great deal to them.

"We've got three children and you know, it's hard right now, to know that we have someplace to live, and there's food on the table for them," said Crystal.

The church may only have about 30 members, but they've got a big heart.

"We're a smaller church but it's exciting to do big things when we stand together," said Pastor Chad Lucio, Vertical Church.

"I was just blessed by what they did, all the families," said Abel. "It was just great to know I had friends that could come together like that and provide when we needed help."

"I am just grateful," said Crystal. "We were obviously in time of need and didn't know what was going to happen next. And I was just really, really grateful. There are no words to describe what they did for us -- just overwhelming."

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