Kangoo's will bounce you into shape

You know you should mix up your workout, but with work leaving you drowsy, the treadmills again on autopilot.

Kangoo Jump is a class that will put a smile on your face.

"Actually I'm a big kid and the kid inside of me now actually plays off of these shoes," said Robert De La Riva, Kangoo trainer.

Robert De La Riva says snap them on and try them out. It's scary at first but takes little time to get the hang of it.

"You have almost a four inch width down here so the balance is not really an issue. At first when you get on it it's like doing anything else, you're body needs to adjust," said De La Riva. "They weigh about 3.4 lbs each. It's a lot of fun. It is low impact. It also burns 20-percent more calories."

Introduced in the 80s, Kangoo Jumps were designed for runners with injuries. But with huge shock absorbing shells, those who use to perform impact sports can now workout with little stress.

"Yes, there's no impact at all to the knee joints, ankle joints. Core stabilization is improved, core strength," said De La Riva.

De La Riva developed a hip injury teaching spinning, a non impact sport, yet this training actually helps him heal.

"I can do everything vertical there's none of that pain from that. None of that impact. It's pretty cool. I can do a lot more cardio now," said De La Riva.

This is really fun which means most likely you'll workout more. Which means you can also improve balance, coordination, improve circulation, and burn a load of calories.

Actually Larry Nelson became a distributor after losing over 30 pounds using Kangoo Jumps.

"I started this as about 340, 345. That was a year ago and I'm down to about 312 as of today," said Nelson.

The only pain you might feel is in your wallet as a pair cost about $200. But like spinning shoes, surf or skate boards, take care and they'll last for years.

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