Online company rents out real Christmas trees

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. Redondo Beach business owner Tisha O'Dowd got a Christmas tree Monday, but this year she won't be buying just any old spruce. She's renting a real tree that will stay alive throughout the holidays.

"I think the concept is brilliant, because it teaches a generation of how to keep trees alive and so you still get the benefit of the smell of a new Christmas tree, but yet it's still alive," said O'Dowd.

It's an eco-friendly service being offered by the Living Christmas Company. The online business rents out trees of all shapes and sizes.

"It should just make sense that you would bring something alive in your house to celebrate a symbol that means life and all that Christmas means," said Scotty Claus of Living Christmas Company.

Scotty Claus, yes that's his Christmas name, started this business last year with over 100 trees. Now, he has more than 7,000.

Each rental will be delivered and picked up free of charge.

If you like the tree that you rented this year, you can actually rent the same tree next year. Workers will pick it up after the holidays and take care of it throughout the year. You can actually have the same tree up to six times.

"We have a fairly sophisticated bar-coding system, so all the trees that leave have a barcode on them so you can use that barcode to upload pictures, stories about your tree online, and then you can also choose to have that tree the following year," said Clause.

In fact, O'Dowd had the same tree just last year.

"It looks a little bit bigger but not that much bigger. I think once it hits the ceiling, we might have to bring it outside and then we'll just watch it grow as our business grows. So it's kind of fun and I think for families to watch as your children grow, your family grows, your tree is going to be growing every year too," said O'Dowd.

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