Cool Kid brightens community with music

LOS ANGELES "The growth of self-confidence in specific children, because music does miraculous things to how proud we are of ourselves," Samantha said.

When her group is involved in the community, the children feel great knowing that they could impact lives.

"A smile from a cute little 5-year-old is going to brighten your day, so I think already they are starting to understand that they can make a difference, despite their age," Samantha explained.

Whether helping at a food collection center or singing at a hospital, Samantha's kids see how they make others feel.

"It also gives to the people in those places who really need someone like that to go in there and sing them a song and show them that they care," she said.

Samantha has started something special, and she is taking steps to make sure it continues even if she goes away to college.

"Right now, I'm training quite a few other high school kids who are musically inclined and want this leadership opportunity and this teaching opportunity to continue the organization," she said.

Giving a new generation the gift of music and teaching them the power of giving to others, she is our Cool Kid, Samantha Smith.

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