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Toys 'R' Us trade-in promotion pushes safety

January 30, 2010 12:10:23 AM PST
It's kind of like Cash for Clunkers, except these wheels are for kids, and it's not about saving gas, but possibly lives. For the second year in a row, Toys "R" Us is offering a trade-in program for old strollers, car seats and other items."I think it's great. I think it gives me an opportunity to actually get a job stroller that would most likely work for me," said customer Margaret Fortmeier.

The deal is simple: Bring in your old product and get a coupon for 25 percent off a new item.

"We traded in the old bulky stuff and got our coupon," said customer Laurie Hamilton.

Toys "R" Us get a sale, and customers get a newer and safer product.

"We're trying to get any unsafe items back into the store. We're going to dispose of them. There's a lot of outdated items that don't fall in line with the safety standards," said Dave Williams from Toys "R" Us.

The promotion does apply to most brands, but there are some exceptions. Anyone interested in bringing their old merchandise should check with Toys "R" Us. The brands covered are listed on the store's ads and on the company Web site.

The trade-in is not just for strollers and car seats. Williams said the promotion also includes any travel system, play yard, toddler bed, bassinet or high chair.

In these tough times, it's the kind of deal many plan to take advantage of, to save money and to make their kids safer.

"It's 25 percent off, I mean, it's a lot for (the) times right now," said customer Marion Hernandez.

The trade-in program lasts until Feb. 20.