Ocean Diner in Hermosa Beach transports customers to the 1940s with nostalgic theme and menu

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Friday, May 3, 2024
Hermosa Beach diner's nostalgic menu will transport you to the 1940s
Ocean Diner in Hermosa Beach offers homemade meals and a trip to the 1940s with their big band-era music and nostalgic, throwback decor.

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- At Ocean Diner in Hermosa Beach, customers are transported back in time.

At this beloved diner, customers can expect a 1940s theme the moment they step inside. They'll be greeted with some big band-era music and see lots of charming throwback decor. To top it off, customers will be able to choose from a variety of flavorful breakfast and lunch entrees, full of nostalgia.

"If you can't find something on this menu to eat, then you're not hungry," said the owner, Rick Hankus.

Customers can choose from specialty waffles and pancakes, a variety of omelettes, healthy salads, hearty sandwiches and unique entrees, including the egg and pasta scramble, which is a fan favorite.

This year, Hankus is celebrating 38 years in business.

"For me to be here all these years, it is sort of shocking to me. I've seen people date, get married, have kids and now their kids are bringing their kids into the diner," Hankus said.

How did Hankus start his business? Well, it all began with a streusel coffee cake that he made with his mom's recipe.

That's because he began as a baker and this restaurant was once a bakery.

"I'd always find recipes out of my mom's old cookbooks. She had a lot of clippings from newspapers from back in the '40s and '50s, and I'd always pull one out and say, 'Let's try this. Let 's try that,'" said Hankus as he took a trip down memory lane.

At the diner, there's no such thing as a bad sweet tooth. In fact, Ocean Diner is known for their decadent desserts.

Hankus said he's thankful to his crew for the near four decades of serving diners seven days a week.

"I'm so lucky that I have a great crew here, because you're only as good as your crew and staff, and they're almost like family after 38 years," explained Hankus. "We all take care of each other."

He's also grateful for the long list of loyal customers he's had over the years like Laurie and Larry, who stop in every single morning for their favorite meal of the day - breakfast.

"They're all very gracious. It's a very welcoming place," said Larry, a regular at Ocean Diner.

Ocean Diner is located at 959 Aviation Blvd. and is open seven days a week. The only days they're closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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