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Actress fights city on gate height, privacy

January 29, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
"CSI: Miami" actress Eva La Rue is fighting the city and her neighbors about the height of her home's front gate, which she increased due to issues with a threatening stalker."I had to literally leave, because I was scared to death," said actress Eva La Rue.

La Rue says she's been forced to move out of her Glendale home overnight, all because of a gate which she says she modified three years ago to protect herself from a dangerous stalker.

"When these letters started coming, they were so frightening and so detailed and scary, that I just called my contractor and I said, please, let's just put up a bigger gate, and put in a security box with a camera so that nobody can just walk up to my front door anymore," said La Rue.

La Rue admits she began the project without permits but says the city of Glendale eventually gave her a variance allowing her to install the new taller gate and columns.

The actress says her troubles began when a neighbor complained about the variance. The variance was overturned, and La Rue appealed.

The issue is stirring up heated debates at council meetings, but even more damaging to La Rue, it meant her once private home address was now public.

"Immediately, I got a letter from my stalker saying, 'I know where you live now.' So I literally had to leave under the cover of night in the last three days, pack up my house, and I moved into my fiance's house," said La Rue.

"The gate's not permitted according to the Glendale municipal code," said Samantha Good, La Rue's neighbor. "There is a height limitation on both the door and the columns. They're both not permitted."

Good and her husband object to the gate, saying that none of the homes on their street have gates blocking the front doors.

"Glendale is not about mansion-ization, or having large walls on the sidewalks. We all like to walk around, and there's a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and we enjoy the openness of it," said Good.

The city council will take up the matter again in February, but for La Rue, any decision will be too little too late.