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Bentley, Sheen's Mercedes found in ravine

February 5, 2010 12:42:45 AM PST
Los Angeles police are investigating how an expensive Bentley ended up in a steep ravine, just a few hundred yards from actor Charlie Sheen's stolen and abandoned Mercedes-Benz sedan.Two luxury cars were driven over a cliff, and both were stolen from exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhoods and both found within about 200 yards of each other just below the 13000 block of Mulholland Drive.

The first vehicle was a black Mercedes belonging to actor Charlie Sheen. It was pulled up about 300 feet with a tow truck Friday afternoon, but authorities were alerted about the incident at 4 a.m. both by Sheen and by the vehicle itself.

An emergency response system built into the car notified authorities about an accident at about 4 a.m. Airbags went off, and an alert was sent to rescuers. Around the same time, Sheen apparently called authorities and reported the vehicle stolen.

When firefighters arrived they found the car at the bottom of the ravine. They scoured the hillside for victims, but didn't find anyone. Investigators said there was no evidence anyone was in the vehicle when it tumbled about 275 feet down the cliff.

Friday afternoon, police were at Sheen's home in the gated community of Mulholland Estates to investigate the incident. There is tight security there with at least six surveillance cameras at the front gate which would capture images of any vehicle going in or out. Investigators wouldn't say what they discovered, but they left with an evidence bag from the security building. It appears that car thieves are targeting this exclusive community.

"We do have three other reports on file of burglaries that have taken place within that area earlier within the last day or so," said Faden.

Several hours after Sheen's car was discovered, the Bentley was found off the cliff a few blocks away by a photographer, officials said. The Bentley belongs to the owners of a Beverly Hills restaurant, Via Blanca. The car was reportedly stolen from the driveway of Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump's mansion in Beverly Park not far from Sheen's neighborhood.

Vanderpump is an actress who is set to appear on the upcoming show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sheen has run into legal trouble recently. On Christmas, he was arrested in Aspen, Colorado on charges of second-degree assault against his wife Brooke. The two are under a court order to stay away from each other.

He was arrested after a Christmas Day domestic disturbance at his home in Aspen. His wife told police he pinned her on a bed while holding a knife to her throat, but Sheen denies threatening her. He's scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Aspen on domestic violence charges.