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Orange County visitors come for sun, get showers

February 5, 2010 12:21:43 AM PST
Orange County visitors came looking for sunny California weather, but ended up disappointed by all the rain.Afternoon rainfall was on-and-off, but gentle in Huntington Beach. The pier, a Surf City landmark, seemed more like a place of solitude.

Still, for those who ventured out umbrellas and jackets become a necessity.

"It's disappointing because we came here for the half marathon for my birthday," said Maggie Brewer who came from Georgia to visit Southern California to celebrate her 16th birthday and participate in the Surf City USA Half-Marathon with her mother on Sunday.

The Brewers had to laugh. They were hoping to escape the wet weather when they left their home in Georgia.

"It's colder there but we've had a lot of rain. It's raining there now," said Candy Brewer, Maggie's mother. "I think it's raining everywhere."

As the rain came down in Westminster, it was just one more challenge for Garden Grove resident Shannon Flak and her 8-year-old daughter Savannah.

"My car broke down at the Westminster Mall, so I had to hop on the bus to get to the car rental place," Shannon Flak said as she was waiting for a bus.

"It's not fun," said Savannah Flak. "It's all puddles, then we almost got splashed over there because the car came zooming around and then it hit a puddle and it splashed."

While the rain was light, it was enough to cause minor flooding on some streets in Fountain Valley and soggy enough that a worker had to seek cover while doing cable repairs in Huntington Beach.

Some business owners also said they wish the weather would dry up.

"It slows the business down but we still have deliveries we have to get out no matter what," said Cyndi Rocheleau of Conroy's Flowers.

However, others said the wet weather is welcome.

"We walked on the beach last night in Laguna, so it's been nice," said Brooke Winslette.

The Surf City USA Half-Marathon is still scheduled for Sunday with a full field in Huntington Beach. Over 20,000 people have registered to take part in the marathon.