America Ferrera reflects on 'Ugly Betty' end


The character of Betty Suarez (Ferrera) began on the popular Columbian telenovela "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" in 1999. In 2006, executive producer /*Salma Hayek*/ helped bring the show to American television.

Over its four seasons, its star Ferrera earned a slew of awards, including an Emmy, a SAG award, and a /*Golden Globe*/. But now as the show ends, the Los Angeles native -- who turns 26 this weekend -- said it's not the accolades she'll remember most, but rather the people.

"There are so many things I will take away from it, but one that encapsulates how I feel about the show and the experience, at end of the first year, Judith Light said to me, 'These next years of your life on this show, while part of it is what's in front of camera, for you in your life what matters is the growing you do as a human being,'" said Ferrera. "I feel like I was so fortunate to have her and have that advice, and to look at it through those goggles. This isn't just me on a show, but an opportunity to grow with these people and learn about myself, and so I'm proud that I kept that perspective throughout."

The show filmed its first two seasons in Los Angeles, but relocated to New York for the final two. Back in January, ABC announced the series would end due to lack of ratings.

The final episode aired on ABC7 on Wednesday night, April 14, 2010.

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