Cool Kid inspires peers to rise and succeed

LOS ANGELES No matter how difficult the situation, Dominic Dickinson, reminds fellow students that they can rise above and succeed.

"I want to show they're everything. They are more than just a bad person. They're a good person. They're a leader in their community," said Dominic.

At College-Ready Academy High School #5, Dominic is seen as someone who has the qualities to be a shining example.

"He's very well spoken, very organized," said Dean Marolla, Principal. "He can motivate people. He can get them going. He can get them thinking. He'll reach out to anybody."

A fellow student going through some tough times, reached out to Dominic and got some words of motivation.

"After I told him that, his grades went up. He got the honor roll. I feel I changed a person and not only a person. I can change the world," said Dominic.

To help students at his school, Dominic created the Union and Respect Foundation. But he has plans to expand far beyond.

"I want to change people's views. I want to create new laws that can help people and I want to be there for people," said Dominic.

Planning a bright future for himself and those around him, he is our Cool Kid, Dominic Dickinson.

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