Cool Kid's mission is to cure breast cancer

LOS ANGELES Sarah Kovar is focused on a goal. She wants to find a cure for breast cancer. At one point, Sarah's mother was diagnosed with cancer and was told that she would never have children. But then medicine changed her life.

"Nine months after she was declared cancer free, I was born. So, breast cancer research not only saved my mom's life, but it made mine possible," said Sarah.

Sarah has become more determined and stronger because of what she has lived and learned.

"To make sure that these mothers, aunts and sisters are going to always be around, that their lives are not going to be cut short because of this disease that happens to fall upon them," said Sarah.

Sarah organized a major event to raise money and awareness. She helped produce the play "Quilters", a show depicting women overcoming obstacles in their lives. Cancer survivors received scarves and free admission and told Sarah how much it meant to them.

"How the show connected so much to their life and to their struggle and how at the end of the day, both the women in the show and themselves, were able to get over it and have such amazing incredible lives," said Sarah.

Sarah is committed to this cause and is confident that she'll be able to make an impact.

"If we can all get together and just come and rally behind /*breast cancer research*/ we can find a cure. It's a matter of time, money and awareness. We can do it," said Sarah.

Cool Kid Sarah Kovar is doing her part to make life better for all women.

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