Landfill searched for pregnant missing teen

RIALTO, Calif. It was about two weeks ago that Anyssia Escamilla went missing. She never came home from school. Fontana police now believe she was killed by her boyfriend, who, they say, killed her and threw her body in the trash.

Fontana police have narrowed their search to a 25-by-50-square-yard portion of the dump. Still, they say they could be searching for another two to three days.

Meanwhile the victim's family looks on, still coping with the fact that police have good reason to believe 17-year-old Anyssia Escamilla is dead, and her body, along with that of an unborn child, is somewhere in the landfill.

"I wanted to let everybody know that my daughter is my hero. She's a brave young lady who only wanted to keep her baby," said Priscilla Escamilla, Anyssia's mother. "When she told me she was pregnant, I was the happiest parent. I really was. I said, 'We can do it together. We've done it before.' She was strong."

Police aren't saying anything about motive, only that Jesus Avitia Jr., 18, did confess to killing his girlfriend.

"He did indicate that he was responsible for her death, and had put her in a trash can after he killed her, which is what brought us here," said Fontana Police Sgt. Billy Green.

Police say the fact that she was pregnant again, after having a child at only 14, may have put strain on the relationship because of the suspect's parents. Anyssia had a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship. She was three months' pregnant with Avitia's baby at the time of her disappearance.

The victim's family says the suspect was nice and quiet. They had been dating for about a year.

"He was nice and quiet," said Priscilla. "He seemed to be a very nice little boy. I didn't see anything wrong with him."

"The only thing I know is his parents didn't approve of her when they found out she had a 3-year-old little boy, and they just didn't want them together, and they still secretly saw each other," said Priscilla Escamilla.

"She was the best child and my only daughter," said Jorge Escamilla, Anyssia's father. "He had no right to take her life, but I'm for sure justice will be served to him."

"That's what I want, is justice for Anyssia. She deserves that much," said Priscilla.

Investigators said there's a chance Anyssia's body is not at the location. She could be at a landfill in Corona, which is where authorities will search next if she isn't found in Rialto.

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