Jaycee Dugard's dad wants reunion, is refused

LOS ANGELES Almost immediately after /*Dugard*/ was freed from her terrible ordeal in captivity, Kenneth Slayton publicly announced he was her father and retained a lawyer to help him establish paternity.

But Dugard says she has no interest in having a relationship with Slayton, saying that DNA does not make a family.

After Dugard was found last August, Ken Slayton publicly announced he was her father and wanted to establish some type of relationship with his daughter.

Slayton, who is represented by attorney /*Gloria Allred*/, said he never met Dugard because he didn't know she existed until he briefly became a suspect in her 1991 kidnapping.

"If Kenneth had known he was Jaycee's father when she was born, and if he had known where she was, he would have provided for her and been there for her from day one," said Allred.

Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, has never denied Slayton was the father. The two had a one-month relationship. She said she told Slayton about the pregnancy and his daughter's birth, but he showed no interest.

The now 30-year-old Dugard has released a statement through a family spokesperson saying, "She does not wish to see Mr. Slayton or his family at this time. Jaycee reserves the right to reconsider at a later date. DNA does not make a family."

Allred says the statement goes on to attack her client and is intended to damage his reputation and turn the public against him.

"Statements for example that the sheriff's department interviewed Ken after her disappearance and that he showed no interest in her are completely false," said Allred.

"Ever since I learned the certainty I had a daughter, I wanted to see her, protect her and love her. Sadly however, for Jaycee's entire life including this day, Jaycee's been denied a father," said Slayton.

Slayton is married with grown children. Dugard is currently living in Northern California with her mother and two daughters.

"I'll never give up the efforts to make contact. Sunday is Father's Day. Give me a call," said Slayton.

Phil and Nancy /*Garrido*/, the couple accused of holding Dugard captive for 18 years under deplorable conditions and abuse, are now awaiting trial. The two have pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and rape charges.

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