Extradition issued for Bruce Beresford-Redman

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. In early June, an arrest warrant was issued in Mexico for Monica's husband, /*Bruce Beresford-Redman*/, as he was the key suspect in her killing. /*ABC News*/ has learned that Mexican authorities have now formally asked the U.S. to send the accused TV producer back to the country.

"There's really no way to tell how long the extradition process will take in Mr. Redman's case, but certainly, Mexico will be pressing to have it done as quickly as possible," said legal analyst James E. Blancarte.

From the very beginning of the case, Mexican investigators ordered Beresford-Redman to stay in the country while they investigated Monica's murder. However, he defied those orders and returned to his home in Southern California. His attorney claimed that he was under no legal restraint to stay in /*Mexico*/.

Beresford-Redman now plans on fighting any extradition efforts.

For Monica's family members, it's become a fairly consistent routine. Jeane Burgos often comes to what used to be her sister Monica's home in /*Ranchos Palos Verdes*/ and picked up her niece and nephew.

Burgos declined to comment regarding Mexico's recent extradition orders for her brother-in-law, Bruce.

The former reality TV show producer is accused of killing Monica while the two were vacationing in /*Cancun*/ with their kids in April.

Bruce told Mexican authorities that Monica went shopping and never returned. Her body was found in the sewer on the hotel property where the Beresford-Redmans were staying.

Guests and hotel employees told investigators that the two were arguing. A security guard said that Bruce tried to hit Monica.

When Mexican police tried to question Bruce after Monica's disappearance, they noted scratches on his face and neck.

About a week before the couple took off for their vacation, Bruce bought more than $500,000 worth of life insurance policies on Monica and each of their children.

Meanwhile, a judge threw out a protective order Tuesday against Beresford-Redman's father, David Beresford-Redman.

The manager of the restaurant owned by Monica accused David of planning to hurt her. David told the court that he did visit the restaurant, but he went to find witnesses to Monica's will. The judge determined that the protective order was not justified.

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