Great-great-grandma logs 562K miles on car

MILWAUKEE, Wis. Ninety-one-year-old Rachel Veitch has owned her Mercury Comet Caliente for nearly 50 years.

She paid just over $3,000 for it back in 1964.

So far, she's logged more than 562,000 miles. That's enough to go to the moon and back.

She says her "chariot", as she calls it, has lasted longer than her three husbands and behaves better than her own children.

"Well, she's never lied to me. She's never cheated on me, and I can always depend on her, and that's the truth," said Veitch.

Veitch has saved a lot of money on repairs thanks to a lifetime warranty on the car.

She also holds birthday parties for her car and snaps a photo every 100,000 miles.

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