Calif. workers protest being 'Expendables'

LOS ANGELES Some members of SEIU Local 1,000 held a protest outside /*Grauman's Chinese Theater*/ on Tuesday night.

Last week, /*Schwarzenegger*/ declared a financial state of emergency over the lack of a state budget and ordered more than 150,000 state workers to take three days off a month. That's the equivalent to a 14 percent pay cut.

The new furloughs will start the second Friday in August and will include state services such as the DMV.

They said they're not asking people to boycott the film, they just want to use this premier and Schwarzenegger's appearance in the movie as an opportunity to make the public aware of their situation.

"Unlike the last furlough order, which they said would end June 30, he stated in this one that it would be until there was a budget signed and the finance officer stated there were sufficient revenues in the state," said Lynn Vilain, a protester. "So that leaves it very subjective."

The governor was not on the list of guests expected to show up.

Schwarzenegger said the economic situation left him no choice but to furlough state workers until the legislature produces a budget that can be signed.

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