Enraged customer punches McDonald's worker

TOLEDO, Ohio On New Year's Day, when an employee told 25-year-old Melodi Dushane that the restaurant was only serving breakfast, she got out of her car and punched that worker in the mouth. Dushane threw another punch at the manager, who grabbed Dushane's hair before employees closed the drive-through window.

Dushane smashed the glass before driving away, and the entire incident was caught on surveillance video, released by the Toledo Police Department.

Her friend said McDonald's shouldn't have let things go so far.

"Had McDonald's handled it differently and just closed the window when it started instead of grabbing her," said Dushane's friend. "If someone dragged me by the hair I'd be furious."

Dushane's attorney said she had been drinking and didn't even remember the incident.

She served two months in jail.

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