Cool Kid pursues medical career to help others

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. "I've always been around low income neighborhoods so it's always given me a drive to get out of that situation, so it's always given me a drive to help others and better their lives," said Mota.

The Step Up program at the UCLA Medical Center is helping Mota shape his future in medicine

"I want to both help patients and do research because research grants me the ability to help on a wider scale," said Mota.

Surrounded by many gifted students, Mota still stands out in many ways.

"He's smart, he is really easy going and any task that we've assigned to him he's completed unbelievably well," said faculty mentor Dr. Arleen Brown. "I think he's functioned at a level that is far above the typical high school student."

The general idea Mota had as a young boy now has a sharp focus.

"Now, I've grown to really like what I've done. I definitely want to go into research now," said Mota. "I know I want to go into medicine and I know it's given me a clear path of where I want to go in my future."

Whether it is one-on-one with a patient or finding answers to help many patients, Luis Mota is our Cool Kid doing all he can to make lives better.

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