JetBlue plane lands hard in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO Flight 262 blew two tires upon landing at approximately 12:58 p.m.

According to an airport spokesperson, there were 15 minor injuries. Passengers and crew had to evacuate via inflatable slides. There were 87 passengers and five crew members on board.

JetBlue released the following statment: "Initial reports indicate that upon landing in Sacramento, Flight 262 reported an issue with the brakes. The crew elected to evacuate the aircraft in an abundance of caution. The airport fire department reported immediately to the aircraft and EMS personnel are on-site to assist."

Passengers said they felt and heard a big "thud" when they touched down. Nobody really knew there was an emergency until crew members began shouting for everyone to get out. All 86 passengers and five crew members escaped safely, but it was one harrowing afternoon for most passengers.

Eighty-six passengers on JetBlue Flight 262 from Long Beach had to escape by the inflatable emergency slides. The Airbus A320 made a hard landing upon arrival at Sacramento International Airport.

"All of a sudden they say get out, get out, get out, you know and we have to jump out," said passenger Kenneth Kim. "It was so scary. I was shaken up but thank God we are all okay."

Initial reports say there were issues with the brakes. The plane blew at least two tires while making the hard landing causing a fire.

"When we got out one of the wheels on the left side was on fire, totally on fire," said passenger John Castleberry.

One passenger says he felt like something was wrong back in Long Beach. The tires just didn't feel right to him.

"When we first started out in Long Beach and we were ready to go up into the air, I felt there was a flat tire because I have never had a takeoff like that now," said passenger Jim Fagen.

Airport officials say in all there were 15 injuries. Five were taken to the hospital. All had minor injuries. Many said it was from sliding down the emergency chutes.

"Because of that slide, falling down the slide and everything," said passenger Herbert Brown.

But not everyone was scared.

"They had to come down the chute. It was really exciting. I'm only 89 and I think it's a thrill," said passenger Helen Downing.

The /*National Transportation Safety Board*/ will be investigating this incident. The initial reports are that the plane had problems with its brakes, according to JetBlue.

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