Cool Kid reaches out to young and old alike

LOS ANGELES "You get like a little history lesson. It's different hearing it from a person's mouth than in a history book," said Warner.

At the other end of the age curve, Warner is there to help incoming freshmen at his school.

"They're the new ones on campus, so they really don't know what's going on. So I feel like being on campus ministry, that helps me let them know that I'm here to help them out," said Warner.

A sophomore at Verbum Dei High School, teachers there see that he is eager for his education and ready to help others who are having a tougher time. At the same time, he knows he has more to learn.

"His enthusiasm for it caught on with the other students and he was always kind of a step ahead of the rest of them. And so he would bring them in if they were ever lost," said Theology teacher Jazmin Jimenez.

"He has a confidence about himself and he relates well with other students. But he also wants to grow. He wants to improve himself," said Karen Chambers, director of campus ministry.

And when the elderly are having a difficult day, Warner is there to make it better.

"It feels great to see that change in somebody, and to see that you put that there is a terrific feeling, terrific," said Warner.

A young man reaching out to young and old alike makes /*Gregory Warner*/ our /*Cool Kid*/.

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