Applegate enjoying her career, pregnancy

LOS ANGELES "Feeling kicks for the first time has been pretty rad," said actress /*Christina Applegate*/.

She's barely showing, but Applegate is already glowing. And she's happy to talk about what she's been going through, being pregnant for the first time.

"I eat and I sleep. It's all I do. This is an exhausting process. It's wonderful and it's magical and it's all of these things, but it really takes you down. So my typical day is I get up in the morning and, you know, figure out which room I'm going to go take naps in."

She's spending a little more time awake right now as she promotes "Going the Distance." Applegate has a supporting role in the /*Drew Barrymore*/, /*Justin Long*/ romantic comedy.

"I play her older sister who, you know, has to be a voice of reason in there somewhere," said Applegate.

Many of her scenes didn't make it into many of the clips because of its R-rated nature.

"Mostly everything I say in this you can't show," said Applegate.

She took the stage not long after we learned of her personal battle with breast cancer. She will return to help the show again this year, but her commitment to fighting the disease goes beyond that. The actress started her own foundation called Right Action for Women.

"We actually have a program that we're doing that makes sure these high-risk women get MRIs for free, completely," said Applegate. "So that's taken us a while to get exactly with the right people and get our website up. Hopefully in the next month we will have our launch and it will be fantastic. We are going to stop this thing before it stops women. That's all we want to do."

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