'Dancing' stars take on Jive, Quickstep

LOS ANGELES "We're going to have a lot of fun but we're going to dance," said professional dancer Louis Van Amstel, who's paired with comedienne /*Margaret Cho*/.

Cho will mostly likely leave some of last weeks' comedy out of the Jive routine she's doing this week. /*Brandy*/ and /*Jennifer Grey*/ will be joining Cho in doing the Jive.

"When you see us dance, you see us dance it once, but in rehearsals we dance it like 20 to 30 times a day," said Grey's professional partner /*Derek Hough*/. "So it's very hard on the body. So we are not going to do the Jive one day and that's it, we're going to do the Jive over and over and over again, so by the end of the day we're going to be exhausted."

For the men, Michael Bolton, Kurt Warner and Rick Fox will perform the Jive. Warner's partner, /*Anna Trebunskaya*/, says the audience will see a different side of the athlete this week when he steps out on the dance floor.

The Jive can be tough, but it's not the workout part of the dance that has /*Cheryl Burke*/ worried.

"Stamina is not going to get in the way, I think it's his big feet," said Burke. "We've got to make sure he doesn't kick me or himself. He needs to be able to lift up those legs in a faster pace."

Alaska's former first daughter /*Bristol Palin*/ ended in the middle of the pack for her cha cha in the first week. On Monday, she's one of several contestants doing the Quickstep.

"It's a completely different vibe this week. It's all about being classy and elegant and being in frame for the whole dance," said professional dancer /*Mark Ballas*/.

"And I'm excited for this one because it's more proper and more sophisticated," said Palin. "I'm not getting down and shaking my hips."

Disney star /*Kyle Massey*/ won over the judges with his first round Cha Cha. Now he's one of two men who'll be doing the Quickstep.

"I don't get nervous, I just get anxious," said Massey, who's paired with Lacey Schwimmer.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will also have to pick up the pace on the dance floor Monday night.

"We have a difficult dance, we have a Quickstep. It's super quick, it's a lot of fast footwork" said Sorrentino's partner /*Karina Smirnoff*/.

According to one "Dancing" pro, a lot of the professional dancers prefer the less formal routines because it is harder to spot mistakes.

"A lot of the professionals don't particularly love it because you have to stay in close dance position and do all those intricate hops and kicks and skips and in unison with one another. You can right away tell if you're off," said professional dancer /*Tony Dovolani*/, who's paired with reality TV star Audrina Patridge.

/*Florence Henderson*/ is also training to step quickly around the dance floor.

"He's got me on the treadmill every day because I came in late," said Henderson. "So I do the treadmill really fast and then he slows it down and makes me run sideways, all on the balls of my feet, forward, the other side and backwards."

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be in the front row Monday night, rooting on her daughter Bristol. Past contestants Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence and Kelly Osbourne will also be in the audience, as well as Henderson's TV daughter Susan Olsen (aka Cindy Brady).

You can catch all the "Dancing" action on ABC7 starting at 8 p.m.

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