Shoe Dazzle offers stylist, affordable prices

LOS ANGELES Kim Kardashian is the celebrity name behind the shoe shopping service

"The great thing about Shoe Dazzle is you go online, you take your own personal style profile, and from that, all our team of stylists come up with the right product for you," said Anya Sarre, chief handbags and accessories stylist at Shoe Dazzle.

Sarre is part of Shoe Dazzle's team of stylists who selects the looks that are sent to your personal show room each month - your choice of shoes, bags and jewelry, each for $39.95. The styles are current, classic and trendy. prides itself on bringing the Rodeo Drive experience to every woman in America. The difference is that this fashion is affordable.

"$39.95 not only gets you this great pair of shoes, the quality is amazing. I'm wearing them right now, but also a Hollywood stylist and free shipping," Sarre said.

Flats, heels and boots, there's something for everyone. Sarre said members range in age from 18 to 60s.

"It's kind of at the intersection of retail, of entertainment and of social engagement," said Deborah Benton, CEO of Shoe Dazzle.

Benton said the site is designed to make shopping fun and easy. The cost of shipping is included in the price, and there is no charge for returns.

But don't expect real leather or suede. The products are made from synthetic or manmade materials and mostly manufactured in china.

"We are absolutely meticulous about the suppliers and the factories that we work with, and we have incredibly high quality standards," Benton said.

Some customers who were less than satisfied with Shoe Dazzle posted their reviews online.

"I have to admit that the style selections are hot, but the quality is severely lacking in these shoes," said one review. Another review said, "Final recommendation, don't buy sandals, anything with a cut out. The peep toes are absolute killers."

Shoe Dazzle said they have hundreds of thousands of clients who return to their site every month to see the latest designs waiting in their personalized showroom.

"If you find the styles that we're sending you are not resonating, and you don't find it's exactly you, it's very easy. You can call up our fantastic client services team, tell them a little bit more about yourself, and they can actually tweak your profile," Benton said.

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