Family of murder victim angered by Swank film

LOS ANGELES Two-time Oscar-winning actress Swank appeared on Regis and Kelly Thursday morning to promote her new movie, in which she plays the sister of an alleged killer who spent 18 years trying to get him freed.

But the day before the release the children of the murder victim spoke out with their attorney Gloria Allred. They said they were angry and disappointed that the film's producers, including Swank, did not contact their family before making the movie.

"To this day the children of the murder victim have never been contacted by Hilary Swank, the executive producer and star, or by anyone connected to the film," said Allred at a press conference.

The movie tells the story of Betty Ann Waters - played by Swank - whose brother Kenneth was wrongly convicted in the 1980s of murdering Katharina Brow. Waters went to law school and became a lawyer before finally winning her brother's release from prison.

At the film's Los Angeles premier, Swank described the film as a "feel good movie at its core." Allred responded, "We can say with certainty to Ms. Swank that there was nothing that felt good to Melrose and Charlie about the vicious murder of their mother in 1980 and there is nothing that makes them feel good now."

Katherina Brow's daughter and son said they have been ignored for too long and they requested that Swank and the film's producers meet with them so they can get the answers they need.

"My mother was not just a name, and was not and is not a person who should be used as a line in a script, or just a way to make a profit for the entertainment industry," said daughter Melrose.

Attorney Gloria Allred said she is sending a letter to Hilary Swank on behalf of her clients requesting a meeting. Neither Swank nor a spokesperson for Fox Searchlight Pictures were able to be reached for comment.

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