'Paranormal' fans see sequel for free

LOS ANGELES "I cried through the first one and I'm really nervous," said movie fan Alexandra Ascencio. "But it will be fun, I'm sure."

Ascencio and about 1,000 other fans couldn't pass up the opportunity to see "Paranormal Activity 2" before it officially goes into theaters.

Not only did all these fans get to see the movie for free, they also got free concessions, free meals and even free dessert. Then they got to see the sequel to one of the biggest hits of last year.

The studio is only releasing a few seconds of footage from the film to entice movie-goers. And that is how fans like it.

"I've been avoiding all trailers at all cost to be able to be surprised by it," said movie fan Kristian Hanson. "I think it'll be a lot of fun. I think with the crowd and the audience, the enthusiasm, it's going to be a great movie."

The film's director and its star hope you'll be pleasantly horrified.

"It was incredible last year," said director Oren Peli. "And to see the support of the fans who are coming back a year later to check out the sequel is really humbling and amazing. We definitely have a lot of pressure. People seemed to really respond to the first one and we don't want to let them down with this one."

"I think 'Paranormal Activity 2' really stays true to the tone of the first film. It's realistic. It's grounded in reality. It's improvisational. And the second film has that as well," said actress Katie Featherstone. "So it's the same sort of scare where it's suspenseful and your own imagination kicks in. So I think fans are going to love it."

"Paranormal Activity 2" will be in theaters all over at midnight.

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