How to 'recession-proof' your relationship

LOS ANGELES "Money is a lot tighter now than ever. If there's fun free things to do in L.A., which there are a lot of, that's definitely something we veer towards," said Mount Washington resident Hayley Andrus.

And even if your budget hasn't gone bust, money can still be a tough topic of conversation.

"We haven't really had a specific talk about money," said Echo Park resident Anna Bobkowska. "I would say that he tends to spend money on me and I try to reciprocate or pay for other stuff. I don't want to just take advantage of

Author Angel Tyree says talk is tops when it comes to keeping your relationship strong. In her new book "Recession Proof Relationships," she offers 52 ways to protect your relationship through tough economic times.

Her number one tip doesn't cost a dime.

"The best thing you can do is communicate," says Tyree. "You must talk about the money. No one wants to talk about the money because it's such a taboo thing for everyone, but we have to talk about the money."

Some of Tyree's other tips to keep the love burning hot and the tension at bay:

  • Find ways to have fun without money
  • Take care of your health, physically and mentally
  • Forward think, believe in a better future
  • Let it go, whether it's a lost job or a slash in salary

Tyree says focusing on what's lost makes it impossible to see what's ahead.

Money is often a top trouble spot for couples and when times get tough, the stress can cause a relationship-ending split. That's a scenario family law attorney Steve Mindel sees all too often.

"You've got to bring these issues up to the table," says Mindel. "You've got to talk about them regularly and often. If you don't talk about them, then they become a ghost in the closet and that causes relationships to break apart."

The experts agree when it comes to the recession and your relationship, making sure the lines of communication are open may be the best investment you can make.

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