DC launches younger, hooded Superman

LOS ANGELES In the new graphic novel, "Earth One," the Man of Steel is back to being 20 years old.

He still has a cape. But now the superhero has a hoodie, too.

At Golden Apple comic book shop in Hollywood, general manager Ryan Liebowitz is holding on to the only copy of "Superman: Earth One" he has left -- his own.

"It's definitely kind of a hipper take on a classic," Liebowitz said. "This thing is gone nationwide. I can confirm that for you."

Joe Straczynski is the man who created the new take on an old classic.

"We are rebooting Superman as if he'd started today," Straczynski said. "The coolest thing that I've put into the comic was, I wanted to set up the notion that Krypton was assassinated. Planets don't blow up one day of their own accord. Something bad happened. It was a hit job of an interstellar scale."

But a hoodie? Really?

"He's in the hood for two pages of 125," Straczynski said.

Some fans said they are excited about a more relevant, re-imagined superhero for a new generation.

"We always have the old version, but with this new version, it's more relatable to the kids today and I think it kind of needs to be more realistic to some of the audience," said Superman fan, Neil Patil.

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