Brown, Whitman rally for undecided voters

COSTA MESA, Calif. After taking a three day break, /*Brown*/ was back campaigning for his old job. He's hitting 12 cities in the three days before the election.

Meantime, Republican challenger /*Meg Whitman*/ made a stop in Orange County and once again hammered away at her rival.

The former /*eBay*/ chief executive never stopped her marathon run toward Tuesday's election as she tries to catch up with Brown.

Whitman stopped first at the /*Orange County fairgrounds*/. The billionaire has spent more than any candidate before her on a governor's race.

Most polls show her running behind Brown.

"Our polls show that this is a dead heat, and if we are in a dead heat on Tuesday, we win this whole thing," Whitman told her supporters.

Brown started his dozen-city swing in Oakland. The 72-year-old talked about jobs and the economy.

He thanked the crowd for kicking off the last phase of his campaign and said even though he's done it many times, he always finds it exciting.

Brown told one crowd he found it a renewal of faith and enthusiasm which is needed going forward.

Whitman campaigned with other Republican statewide office seekers. She also referred to a recent statement by Brown confidante, /*Gray Davis*/.

"Former governor Gray Davis, former chief of staff to Jerry Brown, you know what he said? He said Jerry Brown's only idea to solve this budget crisis is go to the voters with a tax increase this spring," Whitman said.

Davis said it might be Brown's only alternative to the budget mess.

Whitman always refers in some way to her successful run as the head of Internet giant eBay.

"You know I'm a proven job creator, that's what I have done my entire career," Whitman said. "Jerry Brown has been part of the war on jobs in Sacramento for 40 years and it's going to end on Tuesday."

Polls on the governor's race have ranged from a single digit lead for Brown to double digits.

Both candidates are trying to turn out their loyal voters, their base and get them to the polls. It's critical in this election, but convincing undecided voters may be the game changer in the governor's race.

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