City council could change L.A. pot law

LOS ANGELES As the ordinance was written, it mistakenly excluded 140 marijuana dispensaries from the new law. The City Council began addressing this mistake Friday to allow some of those to stay open for business.

The medical marijuana ordinance could close any dispensary which had new owners or management but the council is working to amend that aspect of the law.

Dispensary owner Yami Bolanos is one of those affected because though she is the original owner, she changed her managememnt. She said her Pure Life dispensary serves about 3,000 people with ailments from chronic pain to arthritis and debilitating migraines. It was one of the first dispensaries in operation in the city.

"It's very important. I am the original owner just like many other people," she said, hoping the amendment will be added to allow her to stay open.

The medical marijuana ordinance has taken months of debate and modification in the City Council. They voted 10-2 to change the wording of the ordinance Friday.

"We don't think the intent of our original ordinance meant to exclude folks that are trying to run a legitimate, well-thought out organization," said Councilwoman Janice Hahn.

After the City Attorney reviews it, the ordinance will return to the City Council for a final vote.

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