'Grim Sleeper' tips flood into LAPD

LOS ANGELES In less than 24 hours since the Los Angeles Police Dept. posted photos on several websites, there were at least 11 million page views and hundreds of phone calls that might come up with new victims of the man charged with being the "/*Grim Sleeper*/" serial killer.

"We have about five that we have tentatively IDed just since yesterday," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. "As this rolls out we hope that we identify every person of the 180 photos."

Beck says the status of five women is still not confirmed.

Lonnie Franklin, 58, is charged with killing nine women and one man, and the attempted murder of another woman. He has claimed innocence but police say they have DNA and evidence from his home to convince them he's the killer.

The LAPD's website has been so overwhelmed it's not easy to access.

Photos that were found in Lonnie Franklin's home were released to the public Thursday. Police believe some of them might be victims.

"It's very tentative right now," said LAPD Detective Dennis Kilcoyne. "We're getting calls from all over the country right now."

Kilcoyne says it's a time-consuming process. Police have to verify any identification before a picture is taken off the Web, if ever.

Some of the pictures taken from Franklin's home and posted on the Web are disturbing. The LAPD thought they needed to get them out, even if they upset some families.

"We did our absolute best to make them as non-disturbing as possible," said Beck. "But it's difficult. The pictures are what they are."

It's generally believed that the Grim Sleeper kept up the killings during the 14 years that police originally thought he was inactive. Now it's a question of finding out if any of those photographs match any of the victims.

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