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Woman who fell while texting sues mall

January 20, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
A woman, whose stumble in a mall fountain attracted millions of hits on YouTube, is suing the company that owns the mall.A video posted online shows Cathy Cruz Marrero texting on her cell phone in a Pennsylvania mall. She then falls head first into a fountain and it was all caught on security cameras.

Marrero, 49, acknowledges that it was pretty funny at the time.

"I was totally embarrassed. I was like, 'Well I hope nobody saw me,'" she said.

Marrero said she was texting her birth date to someone from her church. It's what happened after the fall that has Marrero so angry. She said someone from mall security captured her fall and posted it online.

Facebook, Twitter, TV stations and networks around the world all have since amplified the tumble.

Marrero, who works at the mall, said her complaints to security went unheard.

"I didn't get an apology over the phone either. I said, 'I don't think that was nice what your people did.' And he's like, 'No it's not. That wasn't very nice at all, but you know, we'll try to take drastic measures and just be lucky that nobody knows you,'" said Marrero.

On the raw video, you can hear voices clearly entertained while watching her fall. At one point, they rewind it and watch from a different camera.

Marrero said what made it worse was that no one came to her aid.

"It could have been anybody's mother. It could've been a senior citizen falling. Would they have gotten the same treatment as I did?" asked Marrero.

Marrero's attorney said his client wants to identify whoever is responsible for making the video public.

The company that owns the mall said the posting of that video is being investigated.