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Stylish adjustable beds for younger consumers

January 27, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Over the last 35 years most adjustable beds have varied in appearance very little, but now that's changing.

Today an adjustable bed is not just for your grandparents any more. Mattress makers are selling adjustable beds as luxury items to a younger population.

"You had a frame where a regular mattress would sit on it and adjust, and it was sculpted more towards a hospital bed, where these are more stylish and they have more of a youthful flare," said Dave Alter, general manager of Aminach.

One such company making adjustable beds for the 21st century is an Israeli one called Aminach, which means "my people rest". The concept is all about color and style. Something interior designers like Christopher Grubb are finding works for their clients.

"I think with kids it's a fun piece, it's exciting, it's vibrant. There are people that their interior is more contemporary so it fits in really well," said Grubb, president of Arch Interiors. "But the fabric choices too, there's neutrals and they can be more transitional and have a little bit more longevity."

One bed not only adjusts, but in the headboard there's a built-in stereo system that you can plug your iPod into. And Hollandia International has a bed with a safe built into the headboard. While other manufacturers, like Tempur-Pedic, are at least selling adjustable bases for their line of mattresses.

And it's not only beds getting a makeover, space-saving sofas that can be used as beds are nothing like the sofa beds of old. They're functional in a small space: they can recline, become a sofa, and there's storage underneath.

"People spend a lot of time on their laptops, with their iPods, they're laying in bed doing work. A lot of people these days of working from home so they're in the bed and because of the orthopedic factor, that many hours in the bed, it's much better on your back," said Alter.

Prices range from about $900 to over $3,000 depending on size and the mechanism that adjusts the bed.