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'I Am Number Four' takes on several genres

February 14, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
"I Am Number Four" is an action film. But it's also a romance. And there's a heavy dose of science-fiction, all taking place in a small Ohio town.

Alex Pettyfer plays the new kid in school in "I Am Number Four." He's already making a love connection with a fellow student played by "Glee"'s Dianna Agron.

But there is one major problem: He's from another planet and an enemy is out to find him and kill him. Three like him have already been bumped off, and he's number four on the list.

Beyond the sci-fi, Alex says the movie has a message.

"The message is it's OK to be an outsider and it's not that you're an outsider and you're a weirdo, it's you are who you are, whatever you are," said Alex Pettyfer. "You've got to live with who you are and be happy about who you are as a person."

Or, as it turns out, as an alien. The film's director mixes his action with special effects to make it feel more real.

"So when a monster is crashing through the wall, I'll really blow a hole through the wall with a big metal object so that he can react to it," said the film's director, D.J. Caruso.

Teresa Palmer plays a fellow alien, and she took a beating making this movie.

"I was black and blue the whole shoot," said Teresa. "I have some really amazing pictures of just purple legs, all the way up, and I bruise very easily as well, so that didn't help. And then I broke my toe. And then I got smashed in the face once. I was trying to spit out my teeth. I thought I had actually broken all my teeth but my mouth was just numb."

"I Am Number Four" opens Friday.