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Shed last 5 to 10 pounds with high-intensity training

March 7, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Noon at Breakthru Fitness in Pasadena features a high-energy group exercise class. It's something common in most gyms, but this one is a bit different.

"We do pretty intense training. Today we're going to do a mixture of strength training with cardio vascular moves and then also a plyometric-what we call a peak," said Breakthru owner Michelle Dozois.

Dozois uses metabolic circuit or high-intensity training for those who are looking to lose the last five to 10 pounds.

"We've found, and research has found, that that kind of training illicit the best fat-burning and fat loss in people," said Dozois. "So we go through these levels of ascent, climb and peak with a base camp recovery and we do this multiple times throughout the workout."

The workouts appear to be working.

"I thought that I'd pick up some muscle tone and stuff like that and lose a few pounds here and there. But it's like I was very surprised- 14 pounds in a couple weeks," said member David Heisler.

Co-owner Phil Dozois said the reason it works is because it's shocking the body.

"Like a blueprint, you know, your body gets used to something. And as it gets used to it, you know, what do you do to your body to get a bigger change? High reps, low reps, going heavier, going on endurance, you know, changing it - even every week is a great idea," said Phil Dozois.

Their eight-week program starts and ends with fitness assessments, measurements and photos, along with a nutrition component as well-basically real food without any gimmicks.

But both experts say you can do it on your own, getting creative with basics.

"Think a jumping jack, a lunge, a pushup, a plank, and a plyo. Write it down, know you're going to do 10 or 20 of each, and go in the sequence and then start again," said Michelle Dozois. "If you've got a plan you can absolutely make it happen."

What you don't need to lose the last five to ten pounds is any special shakes, bars or fat burning supplements- science to date has no magic there. But you can deduct an extra 250 calories from you daily needs and also burn an extra 250 calories. By week's end, you should have lost a pound. And if you stay on your program you can take it from there.

To find out more about the "Peak Fit Challenge" program, which starts May 1, click here. For information about Michelle Dozois' fitness DVDs, click here.