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Man sentenced for ejaculating in water bottle

April 22, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
A woman who was harassed in the workplace got a measure of justice Friday. The male defendant claimed the incident was a "prank." The victim said it was a lot more, and the judge agreed.

The 29-year-old victim, who only wants to be identified as "Tiffany G," asked the judge to sentence Michael Lallana to the maximum for what he did to her twice in 2005.

"I had no idea what his capabilities were and how twisted his thoughts of me could be," said "Tiffany." "Especially because he's a married man with a daughter."

Lallana, 31, was convicted of battery for ejaculating into the victim's water bottle without her knowing it, then placing it back on her desk.

"As she drank from the bottle on January 25th, 'Tiffany G' noticed it tasted 'off,'" said the victim's attorney, Gloria Allred.

The victim threw it out. She and Lallana worked together at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Newport Beach. Four months later, after transferring to a branch in Orange, Lallana did it again. This time Tiffany had it tested. DNA evidence linked it to Lallana. He admitted what he had done, but still went to trial.

"I hate seeing him," said Tiffany. "I hate him seeing me. It's just, it's uncomfortable to say the least. What I experienced wasn't rape, but I feel that it was a form of rape."

The prosecutor said the motive was sexual gratification. The defense disagreed and stressed Lallana has no prior criminal history.

"What he did was juvenile, what he did was immature, but he is not a bad person," said defense attorney Erica Madrid.

"I will order you to be incarcerated in the Orange County Jail for 180 days," said Orange County Superior Court Judge Walter Schwarm.

The sentence was half the maximum, but with it the judge placed Lallana under probation for three years. He must also register as a sex offender.

Lallana will be back in court in June for a restitution hearing. The victim is asking for nearly $20,000 to cover lost wages and therapy bills.

"No woman should ever be forced to endure what Tiffany did, and any man who thinks of emulating Mr. Lallana's misconduct should be aware that there are criminal consequences," said Allred.