Tom Hanks' many hats in 'Larry Crowne'


Hanks plays a guy who goes back to school after he's suddenly fired from a job he loves because he doesn't have a college degree.

Julia Roberts plays one of his community college teachers.

Hanks not only stars in the movie, he's also the director, co-writer and one of the producers.

"It's a good feeling," he said. "I feel like it was a grand journey. We had a great season. We laughed on the bus a lot, played some good games."

Since Hanks directed the movie, it sometimes brought a different dynamic to the table, and Roberts said it worked.

"I think the best thing a director can do is make you feel confident about your choice and then maybe say, 'Maybe now add a little bit of this' and kind of spice it up for you, but always letting me bring to the table my original idea," Roberts said.

"Larry Crowne" opens Friday.

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