Groov3 is fun dance workout taught w/ live DJ


"It's entertaining, it keeps you going, it keeps you wanting to do more," said Tegr Powell of Hollywood.

Workout enthusiasts are enjoying Groov3, which is a class founded by Benjamin Allen. He wanted to design a dance workout for those tired of the standard gym routine.

"It gives me so much energy and my life wouldn't be the same without it," said Amber Powell of Ontario.

Groov3 offers fun on the floor for those needing a break from the same old stuff.

"It's a dance class. You are going to sweat in it and you are going to live, and what style is it? It's groove, so Groov3," said Allen.

Dance, sweat, live - truthfully, it's a good workout but the main thing is fun. The classes are taught with a live DJ and people come in all ages, sizes, and there's no equipment required.

"We come into a studio for one hour a week. We bring in a live DJ. It's follow-the-leader style, so literally, no matter what level you are, if you have never taken a dance class before, you can follow along step-by-step," said Allen.

Burn calories, release stress, and enjoy plain old movement for all levels and apparently all ages.

"I think we had somebody in class once who was 7 years old. We have several people come that are over 70," said Powell.

The class is offered in Silver Lake, Culver City, Hollywood and soon to be in Brentwood, with an average $12 drop-in rate.

Allen is also in the process of offering instructor certification to share his groove format beyond the Los Angeles area.

Along with fun, there is philanthropy. A believer in giving back, Allen offers a workout every month or so where proceeds go to a good cause.

"We got one coming up - dancing through Parkinson's disease. We have a few students that unfortunately have that disease, so we team up with these organizations. We do an hour class, invite anybody who wants to come, minimum donation at the door, and all the proceeds go directly to that charity," said Allen. "So it's a feel-good class in more than one way."

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