'Harry Potter' review: Satisfying end to series


Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort have their final battle, and it all comes down to a good-versus-evil match for the future of the wizard world. Along the way, of course, the film is filled with eye-catching special effects.

I was leery about seeing it in 3-D on the IMAX screen, but it delivers, and it also delicately lets us know the kids we met a decade ago aren't really kids anymore.

I saw the film with about 300 other people, but it was so quiet in that room, it was like I was the only one in it. The audience just got swept up in the final adventure - no talking, no getting up to go to the bathroom or to get snacks. That's commitment!

If I have one complaint about this movie, it's that it starts where it left off in the last one, and after so much time, I really needed a refresher course. It took me about 20 minutes to get acclimated to what was going on.

If you're thinking you'll see this one without having seen the other "Harry Potter" films, forget it. You've missed far too much along the way.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" is a very satisfying end to a much-loved series of films. It answers a lot of questions we had along the way, so when it's all over, it feels complete.

There is plenty more to see in this film beyond the clips provided. One thing I really loved is that so many characters from past "Potter" films are back.

Some don't have much to do - Miriam Margolyes doesn't even have a line - but you're glad they're there too to say farewell to "Harry Potter."

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