Cops: Man pointed shotgun at wife, 'other man'


According to officials, an officer with the Ventura Police Department was on patrol in the 200 block of East Vince Street about 3:30 a.m. Saturday when he saw Damian Reyes, 25, standing in a doorway yelling into the house. The officer said he saw a car in front of the house with broken windows.

Police said Reyes had arrived home and found his wife involved with another man. Reyes apparently had smashed the windows of a car he believed to be owned by the other man.

According to police, Reyes forced his way into the home with a pistol grip shotgun, shoved his wife and the man up against a wall and pointed the shotgun at them. Police said Reyes and his wife's son was asleep in the bedroom at the time.

When police arrived, Reyes allegedly surrendered to police. Officers said they found three shotgun shells in his pants pocket and other rounds in his car. Police also recovered an aluminum baseball bat and a set of metal knuckles.

Reyes was booked at the Ventura County Jail and was charged with domestic violence, assault with a firearm, exhibiting a firearm and child endangerment.

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