Get in shape like actors who play superheroes


Like many fitness instructors in Southern California, Sarah Kusch teaches a killer workout, but this particular class offers an unusual theme.

Blockbuster Body is designed for you to get in shape like actors who have to play superheroes.

"It's hardcore, it's fast, it's a ton of cardio, but at the same time, we really wanted to draw in the mind body connection the whole time and balance it out," said Kusch.

Kusch said there is no equipment involved.

"Whenever you have you, your body, the floor, your own space, it fires off different neurons in your brain. You really have to think about what you are doing more," she said.

Yes, the goal is a rock hard body, but special detail is paid to work the brain.

The science behind these high-intensity moves is called neuro-boosting. The idea is to stimulate certain hormones in your body to enhance performance and strength.

"The mind and body connection isn't just hippy stuff. It's actually like when you connect your mind to your muscles and your own muscular system. You start to change the way your body moves and works," said Kusch.

Multi-joint movements that build complexity and intensity are the theme. After all, you're modeling yourself after a superhero. Look at it like education meets entertainment.

Blockbuster Body is offered at Equinox, but Kusch said you can utilize these principles in your own workout, including sprinting, kickboxing, flexibility and core drills that hardcore.

"I try and have people first...learn how to engage their core, especially from the pelvis because, if you think about it, that is where everything meets," said Kusch.

She said to draw your power and your emotion from your core.

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