Best apps, programs for tablet computers


Not only are more and more tablets coming onto the market, the number of apps is multiplying like crazy.

We teamed up with Consumer Reports to look at some of the best apps and programs for your tablet.

Jennifer Schwartz never leaves home without her iPad because of all the cool things she can do with it.

"I use it to check the weather first thing when I wake up in the morning. I now always have a book with me, because I have now two reading apps that I have on it, which is terrific," said Schwartz.

With the explosion of iPad sales and so many other tablets on the market, there's a rich range of apps being offered that allow you to do all sorts of things.

Consumer Reports' Paul Reynolds took a look at five of the best things you can do with a tablet.

"Keeping on top of a lot of news is a breeze with tablets. Pulse is a great free app that's available for both the iPad and Android tablets," said Reynolds.

Pulse lets you subscribe to your favorite news sources and arrange them in rows so you can easily scroll through them, or you can group them by subject, like sports or showbiz.

"Tablets, especially the iPad, are excellent platforms for reading magazines. The color display is big and bright. The navigation is easy, and you can watch embedded videos and other content that isn't in the print edition," said Reynolds.

Streaming video is another great use of a tablet. Apps like HBO Go, which is free for the iPad, allows HBO subscribers to watch the channel's shows just about anywhere. And with apps like iPad's garage band, you can even create music.

GarageBand also allows you to record your compositions and share them via iTunes or email.

Lastly, games designed for tablets, such as Infinity Blade, offer great, fast graphics that draw you into the action.

Consumer Reports says if you want to get the most out of activities like playing games and viewing video, consider getting a larger tablet with a 9- to 10-inch screen.

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