Matt Damon stars in new film 'Contagion'


Trying to find the answer to what happened to his wife, and what's happening to thousands of others, is the question in the dramatic thriller "Contagion."

A mysterious virus is quickly spreading around the world killing people wherever it goes and probably turning movie-goers into germophobes.

Matt Damon plays a father immune to the virus.

"I mean you can go pretty far down the rabbit role with this stuff so, yeah, but it's true," said Damon. "I mean, the science in the movie is really accurate and that's one of the things I loved about it. As horrifying as it is, it's actually plausible."

"It was easy to relate to the guy," said Damon. "I mean, all he's trying to do is keep his daughter safe and everything he does, I kind of look at it and, yeah, that's probably what I would do, too, in this situation."

"Contagion" is directed by Steven Soderbergh and it features a cast of very familiar faces.

Damon's face doesn't look as familiar as usual, because of the haircut, but there's a good reason for it.

"I've sheared it all off for a movie that I'm doing right now that's going to come out in 2013 called 'Elysium.' So just remember 'Elysium' and it will all make sense," said Damon.

"Elysium" is a sci-fi film with Jodie Foster. "Contagion" you hope is science fiction.

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