Smartphone apps for your children's safety


All around the country, kids are back in the gym, the playground and on the field, playing hard. Sometimes, too

But now coaches and parents have some help deciding just how hurt a child might be, especially when it comes to head trauma. They just need a smartphone or tablet and the concussion app, which runs through symptoms and signs to let you know when it's an emergency.

The Concussion App is just one of several designed to help with child safety.

There's also the EpiPen App.

There's also an app from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There's also the ICE (In Case of Emergency) app to help on the go.

Another app that allows you to store information about your child is from the FBI. It helps in an instant in case your child goes missing. But make sure the phone and/or the apps you use are password-protected.

The use of the apps shouldn't be a substitution for medical advice, but they do provide convenience and bit of peace of mind.

It is critical to keep in mind these apps are not intended to replace professional advice.

Concussion App

Epipen App

Symptom Checker App


FBI Child ID App

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