2 pit bulls killed after attacking Glendora man


At about 4 a.m. Monday, a patrol officer encountered a 67-year-old man being attacked by two pit bulls on the sidewalk on the 1600 block of Sunflower Ave.

Retired fire captain Milford Fonza had been out for a morning walk when he was attacked. He was using a broken wooden walking stick to defend himself against the dogs. He told the officer he was "running out of gas" and that he needed help.

Fonza tried to climb a nearby wall to escape, but was pulled back down by the dogs.

The man was bleeding profusely, according to the officer, Glendora Police Officer Matt Fenner.

The officer then struck one of the dogs with his police cruiser. He called for police assistance by radio, then stepped out of the car to help the injured man.

The other dog moved toward Fenner, who drew his gun and shot the dog, killing it.

Another officer arrived and followed the injured dog, who was secured until animal-control officers arrived. The dog died after being transported to a veterinary clinic.

Police say the dogs were not wearing tags.

Fonza was hospitalized and treated for puncture wounds to the face, arms, torso, legs and groin, as well as a separated or broken shoulder.

"I've been in burning buildings that are falling, I've been in brush fires with fire all around me, and I've never been that horrified or scared in my life," said retired fire captain Milford Fonza.

"If it had not been for the police officer, I believe those dogs would have killed me," said Fonza.

The owner of the dogs was located. He faces misdemeanor charges for not controlling his dogs. Police say he could face civil liabilities if he decides to sue.

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